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Ultrasonic testing is a widely used non-destructive testing method that may be used for dimensional measurements, thickness, material characterization, flaw detection and more.

Ultrasonic inspection may be utilized at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle, ranging from inspection to plates, forging, castings, and welded components, to in-service corrosion monitoring. Our qualified operators interpret ultrasonic readings to applicable codes and standards such as API, ASME, and AWS while complying with required customer specifications.


We regularly provides high-production testing of welds services on major pipeline construction projects utilizing Automated Ultrasonic Testing with the RTD Rotoscan system.


Available ultrasonic testing equipment includes:

  • Straight Beam Ultrasonic Instruments with and without A-Scan display – GE, Olympus, Danatronics, others

  • Manual Shear Wave Instruments (single channel) – Olympus, Sonatest

  • Handheld Phased Array Instruments, 10 to 64 element phased array transducers – GE, Olympus, and Sonatest

  • Automated Internal Corrosion Mapping Scanner (C-Scan) – AUT Solutions, ScanTech

  • Semi-Automated B–Scan for inspection of pipe fittings and other non-standard geometries – AUT Solutions

  • Semi-Automated Phased Array Scanner, for inspection of girth welds and long seams – AUT Solutions, Olympus, JIREH

  • Automatic Weld Inspection – Applus RTD Rotoscan System


We utilize a wide range of radiographic techniques including:

Our highly trained technicians can mobilize anywhere in the United States.

Certified Welding Inspection (CWI)

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) 

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) 

Visual Inspection & Mechanical Integrity (VT) 

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