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 Rig Fab consists of three main divisions; welding education, welding energy and contractor placement. 

Rig Fab Welding Education focuses on partnering with welding institutions, trade schools and Job Corps through our enrichment program. This program allows these schools to certify their students as an AWS Certified Welder, advancing the students welding career and opening the opportunity for a better future with higher pay or leadership roles. If you do not attend an institution and would like to get certified, Rig Fab is an AWS Accredited Testing Facility. Contact us to schedule your certification.

Rig Fab Welding Energy Services provides qualified and certified industry professionals for the industrial construction and power industries all over the U.S. These services can include categories such as NDE, QAQC Inspectors, CWI Services, engineering, API inspections and other complementary energy services. 
Rig Fab Contractor Placement has become one of the leading employment sources for welding organizations, our fleet of AWS welders and inspectors are contracted to assist on demand. Students who participate in the Enrichment Program at their school or institute have the opportunity to join Rig Fab’s Placement Services increasing the ability for immediate hire.

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“Rig Fab Energy Services provide great and professional engineering solution on equipment fabrication, and especially quality control service to ensure we receive high quality product from our fabricator vendor.  Also their whole team is hard working and so committed to each project, and provide great communication.”

Chun W. Choi, Ph.D.

Manager of Computational Modeling and Senior Machinery Specialist